Sticky Wipplesnit

Sticky Wipplesnit is a character within the game Sugar Rush. She is a palette swap of Minty Zaki and only appears for a few scenes, being absent on the online adaption of Sugar Rush. Her name is seen in the scoreboard after Vanellope pays her fee to the race. Her theme seems based on rasberry salt water taffy. 


Sticky has light skin, brown eyes and teal hair topped with a turquoise candy-wrapper bow which has a brown stripe on it like both her skirt. Instead of brown stripes on her leggings, they are instead a darker hue of turquoise. Sticky wears a cream top with a yellow stripe on it, under a turquoise jacket, with a turquoise candy-wrapper skirt and salmon and turquoise leggings. She wears black shoes.


  • She is a palette swap of Minty Zaki, but if you look closely at the racing board, her avatar is a mirrored recolor of Crumbelina DiCaramello instead.
  • She is the only recolor of Minty Zaki to have pale skin.
  • At the candy vandals scene Sticky is not there, suggesting she acually likes Vanellope and does not want to hurt her. She probably asked Swizzle but he refused.
  • In the Random Roster Race, all the recolors are present except Sticky.
  • Although she is not seen racing, the board that shows the racers position on a map shows 16 dots, so showing at some point Sticky must of joined the race.
  • When Vanellope becomes princess and everyone runs back into Sugar Rush, Citrusella and Sticky are the first racers to be seen on the speedway.
  • Swizzle and Sticky are supposedly dating.
  • A fan name for her kart is Taffy Turner.
  • She and the other recolours have the least screen time out of all the racers.
  • In Owl City's When Can I See You Again? song, one of the dancers resembles Sticky.